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Mentoring For Success

All About Home Care is working to build a Team that Reflects our Mission, Attitude and Heart. One of the ways that this is being accomplished is through our Mentoring for Success program.

What is Mentoring?

Caregivers are the most valuable assets we have because they are a reflection of All About Home Care in the marketplace every day. They are in essence “the product”. However, once we have hired our team, how do we impart our knowledge and heart to our staff where it becomes automatic to them? Training classes are vitally important but often caregivers disconnect between materials learned and its’ application to real life when it’s over. Training is about learning skills and techniques. Mentoring is about all of this plus it is a strategic approach to developing people, creating accountability and creating change within the organization.

The Uses of Mentoring

Mentoring is targeted, focused time. Like a laser beam, Mentoring focuses on particular issues, skills and/or knowledge the caregiver needs to know to be successful at All About Home Care. Mentoring is not a new concept at all. In fact, many companies, including Microsoft, Sears, and Eli Lily have realized the power of Mentoring and have developed programs within their organization. Why? Because Mentoring creates a win, win, win scenario. The company wins, the Mentor wins and the Mentored wins. So ultimately, the client wins.

This Mentoring program is designed specifically to assist new staff members get trained and up to speed within their first 90 days of employment. Developing and managing a team of caregivers well takes time and expertise. In order to ensure proper development of our team, we need to duplicate our management efforts using other people. We do this by promoting more experienced caregivers (Mentor) who will train, teach, coach, counsel, sponsor and encourage other caregivers (Mentored).

Over time, the company will develop a Mentoring culture, which continuously promotes individual employee growth and development. As an added benefit, we will know our employees so well that we can fulfill our promise of carefully matching them to our clients. As a result, employees will be more satisfied in their jobs, exhibit advanced care giving habits and be more likely to stay longer, reducing turnover.

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