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They go out of their way. They do things that I don’t ask them to do, like straightening up and washes dishes. They bend over backwards trying to help me out. The girls that I’ve met are very personable with my mother. They get along great with her. I love and trust them.”

– Carol B., Margaret B.’s daughter

The people who they use are all local people. They are knowledgeable and caring. They are able to relate to my mother.”
– Susan K., Georgianna F.’s daughter

I appreciate the company. I am never in doubt about when someone will be there. When I went to New York and came back, they were already in full swing and ready to help me.”

– Nancy L.

My kids and I interviewed and visited every facility on the island. We like the set up and the people at this one the best.”
– Walter W., Susanne W.’s husband

They enjoy the work they do and are very good at it. They care about the people or they wouldn’t do it. They give a peace of mind.”
– Shelia H.

Her work ethic is excellent. She is always there to help me in and out of the car. She also helps carry the oxygen. She helps me however she can.”
– Virginia H.

It is like having another member of your family with you.”
– Virgina M.

The agency was very responsive when needs had to be addressed. I was extremely impressed with the honesty, integrity and compassion of all their caregivers. I was just extremely pleased with their service.”
– Tracie L., Richard & Mary L.’s daughter

I like very much that she looks out for my father’s interests. She doesn’t just go and do his medicine. She’s been helping to find better methods of distributing the medicine because he gets confused. She’s been willing to run to the drug store if needed. She goes the extra mile. She’s really wonderful. I appreciate their friendliness. I appreciate that I can reach them easily. It’s comforting knowing there’s someone there to take care of [my dad] even though I don’t live there.”
– Kimber G., Robert C.’s daughter

I think that the people that they send are extremely flexible and well-versed in how to take care of people. They’re wonderful, they really are. Not only do the people they send match the patient and their personality perfectly, they become your friends. These people do more than just work in your home. My father was so attached to his caregivers. They were more than just caregivers. They were companions, real companions.”
– Joyce M., relative of Anthony D.

They all seem very conscientious and they seem to go out of their way to try to do things to keep my mom busy. They put thought into what they’re going to serve her for meals. We’re very happy with the people that work with my mom. The quality of care has been excellent.”
– Maureen T., Barbara T.’s daughter

The head nurse is extremely thorough and will answer questions. She is very thoughtful and I get everything I need. I appreciate the personal attention and the quality of the care.”
– Mrs. S., Robert S. spouse

We felt they cared and I know that our caregiver was terrific with Susan. In the short time they were together they bonded. They were kind, compassionate and thorough with me. Even after Susan passed they called me. I think I got everything I wanted out of it.”
– Mike T., Susan H.’s spouse

They tend to the details and learn about the patient. I think they are very professional and capable people.”
– Arthur M., relative of Aloyise P.

They’re always very good company. It’s like having a friend.”
– Jane J.

They’re awesome. They come on time, they’re dependable, they go beyond. We’ve just been through a crisis where my mom needed more care and they were available and flexible. They rose to the occasion. They helped us during a difficult time.

At first I didn’t know if they could help me as much as I needed. But the scheduler, within a very short period of time, had filled in everything I needed. They were nothing but helpful.

I never dreamed that a place would be able to meet all my needs. They match up a client and caregiver that they think will work well together. I can’t remember a time when they said they wouldn’t do something. They really are All About Home Care!”
– Nancy B., Genevieve K.’s daughter

They have a lot of compassion and they are very anxious to please you and make you feel comfortable. They will sit and visit with you. They listen to you if you need someone to talk to.”
– Virginia M.

Not only did they have compassion for the client, but also for the rest of the family members too.”
– Leslie S., daughter of Patricia & Earle S.

I’ve never seen any of them saying, “Oh, I have to be here.” They’re enthusiastic… because they sincerely care about my grandmother.”
– Teresa S., Rose R.’s granddaughter

They’re very personal, they have a hands on approach to each of the people they take care of. The seemed to know how to come into a home, take hold of the situation, understand what each of the patients required.”
– Pam Z., Dorothy Z.’s daughter

They’re fabulous. They do everything we want and they become our friends. Irene shops better than I can do myself, she finds all the good deals. …I signed up for the service for my husband, and I didn’t realize how I would be helped too.”
– Shelia H.

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